Michael was born in Connecticut on February 21st, 1995. He started photographing at the age of seventeen and soon became fascinated with expressing himself through photography. That fascination ultimately turned into obsession, leading him to transfer to a university with a superior photography program and devote himself to the medium. Michael's work is still in an embryonic state, yet is constantly evolving, he strives to deliver a message with every body of work that he creates. Through photography he attempts to establish a narrative; a split second of a story, a plot encapsulated within a series of frames.


Most of my work tends to focus on a certain issue that bothers me in my everyday life, such as how frequently I look at my cell phone or check Instagram. After dwelling on these issues for some time, I use photography as a means to process my contempt for these certain issues. Often I will make sketches of things that I see in my day-to-day life that bother me, and then later attempt to recreate them with my camera. So far I've focused on technology, such as cell phones and Skype, and how they impact us. The Control/Fixation study was a compilation of all the little things I see my peers fixating over, mashed into one photo series. I hope that my work evokes an emotional response from the viewer, and that it forces them to wake up.